Baked Plantain Chips


These homemade Baked Plantain Chips are crunchy, healthy, and delicious! Make this recipe once and you’ll never buy them from the store again.


  1. Posted by joannesubin, — Reply

    Did anyone know that this is a South Indian speciality, but South Indians call it Banana chips

  2. Posted by lipisangoi, — Reply

    Baking at what power ?

  3. Posted by SavagePancake97, — Reply

    Platanos are the best

  4. Posted by contatomelhorsersaudavel, — Reply

    Amo banana👏

  5. Posted by rajeswari19, — Reply

    What degree should it be baked?

  6. Posted by rosariosoledadt, — Reply

    Excelente idea...!!!

  7. Posted by dovedealcom, — Reply

    This is great!

  8. Posted by Usagi29hola, — Reply


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  10. Posted by zettaia, — Reply

    So happy they added the sound for how crispy they turned out!

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